March 17, 2006

When Work Doesn't Work Anymore

Book Review: When Work Doesn't Work Anymore
Author: Elizabeth Perle McKenna
Publisher: Delta Trade Paperbacks

If you have begun that blessed stage of your life where everything has just started to crystalize and you are struggling with the demands that seem to pull from every possible direction, please read this book. You are not alone. "For increasing numbers of achieving, professional women the path to success ends at a bewildering crossroad, where the need to succeed and the desire to have a life either grind to a halt or collide...Women discover that after the work breakdown comes the reassertion of their authentic selves, they find a rush of confidence and relief."

Although there is a small chapter designated to the changing roles of men in the new milinnium this book is primarily by, for and about women. A chapter is dedicated to each, having great expectations, seperating work from identity, paying the price of success, deciding there is more to life than work itself, recognizing the pivotal turning point, coming to terms with the importance of money, making changes and finding work that works on your terms or in other words identifying with the balance and meaning we have been coveting and working towards as a gender for decades, if not centuries.


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